St Clements University Group

Doctor of Philosophy Research Dissertations

Dr Peter Tong Hing Tham
Dissertation: Employee Counselling Programs in the Malaysian Workplace

Dr Chiew Ming Chak
Dissertation: Strategic Management for small and medium enterprises

Dr Emmanual Anthony Wilkie
Dissertation:Teenage marriage and female genital mutilation a violence against women: A policy apprraisal research on Women's health, reproductive rights and population issues in Nigeria

Dr Joseph Osa Nosakhare
Dissertation: Organizaional approach to total quality management in Nigeria

Dr Samson Opaluwah
Dissertation:  The significance of facilities in the management operations of the National Hospital, Abuja

Dr Francis Juieng Nyahon
Dissertation:  Review of mentoring programme as an alternative approach for personal and professional development: A case study of a private company, Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd.

Dr Peter Ese Oriavwote
Dissertation: Marketing communications strategy and voting behaviour in Nigerian Local Council elections.

Dr Clarence Balan s/o Edwin Palanisamy
Dissertation: The history of the Beneficiary action and the need for reform of the parties - Only rule in Malaysia

Dr Jeffrey Han Chen Kong

Dissertation: Quality Management System: A case study of the Cambodian Forest Management System

Dr Alfred Akawe Torkula
Dissertation: A Survey of the Marriage and Burial Institutions amongst the TIV of Central Nigeria

Dr Chin Yuet Meng
Dissertation: Cytogenetics and Molecular Studies in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

Dr Andrews O C Elueni
Dissertation: Demand for money in a developing economy: A Micro-Economic Approach

Dr Hamli Bin Biha
Dissertation: A review of the effectiveness of the implementation of Quality System ISO 9000 Standard in supporting Total Quality Management: A case study of the Bintulu Development Authority's (BDA) Experience

Dr Success S Fadpe
Church awareness and practice of Total Quality Management in Nigeria

Dr Kuan Soon Lye
Effectiveness of Selective Contral Measures to Remedy Malaysia's Financial Turmoil During 1997 - 2000

Dr Emmanuel T Abraham
Managerial Paradigms for Employees' Behavioural and Performance Variables in Nigerian Organizations: A study of selected enterprises in Ikeja Industrial estate of Lagos State.

Dr Gregory P Fernando
Rasa Theory Applied to Hemingway's 'The Old Man and The Sea' And 'A Farewell to Arms'

Dr Ezekiel Oyebola Oyemomi
An Assessment of Poverty Reduction Strategies in Nigeria (1983 - 2002)

Dr Yusuf Abdul Mumini
Inventory Control and Economic Prder Quantity in National Electric Power Authority (NEPA)

Dr Lawrence Nsa
An Analysis of the management of research and technology organizations in Nigeria

Dr Harold A Hedd
An Assessment of the 6-3-3-4 System of Education in Sierra Leone

Dr Ugwudioha Matthias Ofili
Compensation System in Nigerian Construction Firm: Piccolo-Brunelli Engineering Ltd.

Dr Willy Nkamuhebwa
"Does a Training Function Help an Organisation to Meet its Objectives: Assessment of the effectiveness and relevancy of training in the growth and development of community-Based Organisations in Uganda."

Dr John J. Udofa
The Impact of Pricing on the Patronage of Savings Accounts in Nigerian Banks.

Dr Ibrahim Dauda Idrisu
Air Transport Liberalisation and open skies agreements in Africa - The Regulatory and Commercial Implication for Nigeria

Dr Ehiorobo Immagbe Robinson
The implication of Adequate motivation on workers productivity in an organisation

Dr Sam Simon Sakala
Towards establishing sustainability of community based development projects with special reference to chisankane community project

Dr Abubakar Abdullahi
An Impact Assessment of Science and Technology Policy on National Development of Nigeria

Dr Uju Angela Njoku
Marketability of made in Nigeria Textile Materials

Dr Benedict L K Mwaibasa
Gaps in models/methods used in the assessment of information systems investments: The case of coffee marketing co-operatives in Tanzania

Dr Shaik Moulali
Effects of Different Teaching and Learning Methods

Dr Beresford M Davies
The Management and Teaching of Population - Family Life Education in a Post Conflict Situation: A Case Study of Sierra Leone

Dr Fulgence A Binagwa
Partnership between the Local Government Authorities (public) and Non Governmental Organizations (private) in Tanzania mainland

Dr Raymond Nneji Ihenacho
A Study of the Dynamics of Institutional Support Measures to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria.

Dr Emmanuel Kabirat Jekada
Proliferation of Small Arms and Ethnic Conflicts in Nigeria: Implications for National Security.

Dr Joseph Iloabanafor Orji
An Assessment of Impacts of Poverty Reduction Programmes in Nigeria as a Development Strategy, 1970 - 2005.

Dr Basil A N Onugu
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria : Problems and Prospects.

Dr Christiana A M Thorpe
The Rebel War Years were Catalytic to Development in the Social Advancement of Women in Post-War Sierra Leone.

Dr Mohamed A Eno
The Homogeneity of the Somali People: A study of the Somali Bantu Ethnic Community.

Dr Ambwene Tonnie Homel Mwakyusa
Traditional and Contemporary Building Styles used in Tanzania and to Develop Models for Current Needs.

Dr Felician J Ifunya
Improving the Investment Climate in the United Republic of Tanzania: The Case of (WEZESHAJ) PSDP and TCCIA Kilimanjaro Partnerships.

Dr Thavamani Thevy Arumugam
An Analysis of Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Approach to Business Valuation in Sri Lanka.

Dr John Munyoli Musyoka
Institutionalizing Environmental Conservation and Poverty Reduction: Directions from the Field in East Africa.

Dr Austin Igwe Iyade
The Impact of Regulations and Supervision on the Activities of Banks in Nigeria.

Dr Ali Yidawi
A Survey of Ethics in the Nigerian Banking Industry.

Dr Augustine Nweze
The Impact of Cabotage Act on Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Nigeria's Economic Growth.

Dr Godwin Etim Asuquo
Organisational Leadership and Quality of Care of Nigeria's HIV/AIDS' Response.

Dr Yeshiwas Bekele
Impact of HIV/AIDS on the well-being of the Rural Population in East Gojjam, Amhara, Ethiopia. Hulet-IJU Enessie;Gozamen;Shebel-Berenta Woredas(Districts)

Dr Abiodun Oladipupo Osiyemi
The Impact of Values - Based Leadership and Corporate Governance on Organisational Performance.

Dr Henry Kwame Afaglo
Assessing the Economic Indicators for the Introduction of the West African Common Currency (ECO): A Case Study of Perceptual Reasoning and Empirical Evidence in Adducing the State of Ghanaian Economy into the Eco."

Dr Daniel Rikichi Kajang
Organization and Management of Health Services in Nigeria: 1960 - 2004: A Case Study of the Federal Ministry of Health, Abuja - Nigeria.

Dr Abdulwahab Ademola Lawal
The Impact of Structuralism on the Policy Process of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)

Dr George Uzoma Kingsley Chima
Organisational Leadership Strategies in Indigenous Companies in a Developing Economy

Dr Rufus Folorunso Akinyooye
The Challenges of Implementing the Basel 2 Accord in Nigerian Banks.

Dr Prince A Cummings
Factors Related to the Street Children Phenomenon in Major Towns in Sierra Leone: A Comparative Study of the City's Street Children and Children in Normal Family Homes.

Dr Kibagendi Julius Abugah
Assessing the Effectiveness of the Adult Education Department in Providing Continuing Education to Communities in Kenya: A Case Study in Kisii, Nymira and Gucha Districts of Nyanza Province.

Dr Jenifer Bukokhe Wakhungu
Gender Relations and Fulfillment of Child Rights in Manafwa District - Uganda.

Dr Abie Paula Kamara
Distance Education Can Solve the Numerous Educational Problems in Third World Africa.

Dr Natheer Alwan Salman
The effect of Employing written skills for the teachers of Arabic Language in the performance of composition for the students of Sixth Primary Stage (Arabic)

Dr Anietie Ben Essien
Proliferation of Unprofessional Information and Communication Technology Outlets and its Impacts on ICT Professionalism, Products/Technology Quality in Nigeria

Dr Hussein Yousif Muhaimid
Analysing the Environmental Influencing Factors in the Industrial Procurement. Case Study in Al-Mosel Asphalt Factory.

Dr Abdul Kareem Khalil Ibraheem
Model for Evaluating Quality and Environment Management Systems in Compliance with the Requirements of ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 International Standards.

Dr Dhia Jawad Kadhim
Education Ideas upon Imam Ja'afar Al-Sadeq "Peace be upon Him."

Dr Khalil A. Khalil
Civilians Protection in the World Armed Conflicts in the International Human Law and the Islamic Legislation.

Dr Mohsen Ali Mohammed Al. Temeemi
The Effects of Using Two Remedy Methods in a Framework of Mastery Learning Strategy on the Achievement and Developing the Deductive Thinking for the Students of the Teachers Issues Institute.

Dr Samuel Odartey Lamptey
Quality Management System of Unilever Ghana Limited.

Dr Martin Joseph Simah
The Effects of Formal Education on the Traditional Education of the Girl Child Among the Mendes of Pujehun District.

Dr Umar Ibrahim
An Analysis of Strategic Factors Affecting the Performance of Small and Medium Industries (SMIs) in Borno State of Nigeria.

Dr Evelyn Alaye Ogan
Rural Poverty Among Women in Nigeria: A Case Study of Abuja Satellite Communities of Nigeria .

Dr Patricia Love Ogboru
An Evaluation of Funding Arrangements for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria.

Dr Adekola Ali
An Assessment of Performance Measurement in Business Strategy Implementation Among Companies in Kaduna Town.

Dr Alfred Attuquaye Botchway

An Evaluation of the Financial System in Ghana

Dr Na'ela Mahmoud Ghanem
Political Situations in Syria between 1958-1973

Dr Ibrahim Al Jasem
The Military Force and it's role in laying down peace worldwide.

Dr Tarek Mohamed Hamood Alakwa
Strategic Directions for Business Organizations and its effects on improvement performance and Human Resource Development/Field Study for the Service Sector in the Republic of Yemen.

Dr Abdulaziz Saeed Khalifa Swei
THE ARABIC ROOTS IN THE OLD LIBYAN LANGUAGE "An approach between the Arabic and the Tamazight dialects"

Dr Raida M. Ayoub
Social feasibility for the small projects and their effects on women in the Syrian countryside

Dr Mohamad Fereg Ali Warem
The Role of the United Nations in Protecting Human Rights

Dr Maxwell Samuel Amuzu
Cash Flow Ratio as a Measure of Performance of Listed Companies in Emerging Economies : The Ghana Example

Dr Joseph Odarquaye France
Systematic Risk and Capital Adequacy of of Banks and Non Bank Financial Institutions in Ghana

Dr Abd Al Rahman Al Abo

The Heroic' in the Myths and legends of The Ancient East

Dr Ibrahim Fawaz Al Jebawi
Using Media as Public Policy from a Syrian Perspective

Dr Amer Mohammad Abdula
The Effects of Using the educational groups in obtaining the Islamic education material and developing religion trends for the second intermediate class students

Dr Hana Tamim Abed
The role of Social Upbringing in Developing Creativity of Syrian Youths

Dr Abdullah Sa'adoun Abed Al-Hamza
Breach of Trust in the History of Islamic Civilization

Dr Najeeb Mohammed Al-Kumim
Total Quality Management in Higher Education Institutions (Applied Study in the Universities of Yemen)

Dr Nasseer Muttar Kadim Alzubaidi
USA and its Management of International Crises- Applied Analytical Thesis

Dr Hayfa Hassan Habib
The Marine Contracts in the Syrian Maritime & Commercial Law (An Analytical & Comparative Study)

Dr Saad Ibrahim Hamed
Religious Tourism planning & services development and it's impact on Tourism request growing in Ninava Governorate

Dr Najah Aubaid Hassun
Malek Al-Ashter- His Biography and the Islamic Civilization in his Era

Dr Abdul Wahab Mohammad Jubein
Evaluation of the performance in the health departments at the Directorate of Taif Health Affairs in Saudi Arabia Kingdom

Dr Hamed Ahmed Mal
Globalization within the Technical Development and Its Effects on the Future of Arab Homeland

Dr Stephen L. I. Mwakajumilo
The role of informal microfinance institutions in saving mobilization , investment and poverty reduction. A case of savings and credit cooperative societies(SACCOs) in Tanzania from 1961-2008

Dr Sami M. Yousef
Islamic Competitive Authorities during the First Abbasayain

Dr Ademola Adesoji Moushibahou
An Empirical Study of the phenomenon of retroactive participation of sub-national investment companies in privatised firms in Nigeria

Dr Mohammad Basheer Al Zoubi
Using Cash Flow & Profitability Rates in evaluating the Customer's Financial Solvency from a Syrian Perspective : The General Tyres Company Afamia.

Dr Jaber Mohammed Hussein Ahmed Amer
Requirement Identification for the Development of Information Security Readiness Indicators for the Implementation of E-government in Yemen

Dr Hussein Abdo Ahmed Al-Gaafri
Outlook and future planning in the light of the Quran and the Prophet's Biography

Dr Jamal Talib Sahin
Effect of counseling program in reality Therapy style to raising the ethical judgment level for secondary stage students

Dr Adnan Mussa Kutar
Evaluation Arabic grammar book for the third Stage of accelerated learning from the viewpoint of teachers

Dr Ifiok Charles Etuk
Evaluation of Internal Control Systems of Banks in Nigeria

Dr Hamed Ahed Mal
Globalization within the Technical Development and Its Effects on the Future of Arab Homeland

Dr Ezekiel Olajide Adeniji

The Significance of Participatory Management on Project Execution through Direct Labour : A case study of Adamawa State, Nigeria

Dr Ihab Ghazi Zedan

Extent of Applying Basel II Standards on the Syrian Private Banks Sector

Dr Qassim Shahin Brisam Al-Omari
Managerial leadership patterns and their effect on the Governmental Organization Success

Dr Shakir A. Araibi

Effect of Self Regulation and Self Instruction in Modifying Behavior for Psychopathetic Personality

Dr Salem J. Abdulsahib
Intolerant Attitudes and Their Relationship To Some Variables Among The Students Of The University

Dr Souad Tamin Al Jundi
The Effectiveness of a Phonic Reading Method in Teaching Reading Skills for Teenagers with Down Syndrome

Dr Shadi Mohammad Al Ktaifan
Pharmaceutical Marketing

Dr Muklis Shaa Ali Al Jumaily
The Effect of Environmental Factors on Leadership Behaviour at the University of Al-Anbar in the Republic of Iraq

Dr Mohammad Hussain Al Refai
Participative Management and its effects on employees and management

Dr Safa Emran
Imagery and its Symbolic, Expressionistic and Mythological Aspects in the Works of T.S.E.liot,Badre Shaker Al-Sayyab and Abdul –Wahab Al-Bayati

Dr Farih Khlawi Humadi
Evaluation of the Relative Efficiency of the Sugar Industy in Pakistan

Dr Omar M. Mohammed Karim
The Kurdish Cause in the successive Iraqi Governments Policies (1932-1945)

Dr Aows Naief Latef
Feasibility Studies and the responsibility of projects management towards the approaches of alteration and development of investment opportunities- Feasibility Project for establishment of Cement Plant in Yemen

Dr Mhd Ghiath Maktabi
Islamic Information, it's substance, characteristics, tools and present problems

Dr Dary M. Saleh
Beauty and the glory of beauty in the Holy Quran of a mystic view and it’s reflection in Islamic Ornament

Dr Fuad Ebrahim Kidrawi

Islamic banks reality and method's of development

Dr Anthony Kennedy Ntsiful
Outgrower oil palm plantations scheme by private companies and poverty reduction in Ghana

Dr Hamid A. Hamad Al Dulaimi
Crisis Management in the Environment of Globalization, a case study for the relief and reconstruction of Fallujah in the Republic of Iraq

Dr Jamal Mohammed Al Barazi
Marketing process between response to market demands and potential obstacles in the United Arab Emirates

Dr Saad Ali Rehan Almohamadi
Relation among the strategy option and the organization structure and their impact in achieving the industrial company effectiveness – Applicable study to a sample of higher administrations in the Iraqi industrial Sector

Dr Sami H. Khayala
European States Position from the Libyan –Italy War 1911-1912

Dr Kareem Najim Khalaf
Evaluate the performance of municipal services sector activity in the province of Baghdad Municipality of Karrada

Dr Farhan Jom’a Mandeel
Constructing a Computer Program for evaluating the Performance of Islamic Education Teachers in the Primary stages

Dr Kenneth Otaniyen Igharo
A Correlational Study Between Administrative Stress and Task Performance of Post Primary Schools' Administrators in the Gambia

Dr Mohammed Abdou Ali Ahmed Elkattrany

Government Decisions and its Effect Upon Execution of Strategies in Yemeni Public Institutions - Applied Study into Selected Ministries

Dr Khalil I. Abdul Hussien
The Effect of Leadership Pattern in Satisfying Total Quality and Competitiveness Advantage in Al-Rahibat & Ibn Al-Nafees Hospitals - Case Study

Dr Udeh Sabastine Onyemaechi
Assesing the Prospects of West African Proposed ECO in the Period 2010 to 2020

Dr Edward Ushilebe Modey
A Survey of Problems Associated with Underdeveloped Economies - A Case Study of Nigeria

Dr Muneer Sedeeq Saadallah
Requirements of fitness between quality & environment by chain of international specifications ISO-9000 & ISO-1400- Case Study in Tasloja Cement Plant in Sulaymania

Dr Juman Ziad Kassim
Pragmalinguistic Analysis of Marriage Concept in Arabic Islamic Prophetic Traditions and the English Version of New Testament: A Contrastive Study

Dr Farouq M. Sadeq
Researching the law which governs the crimes presented to the International Court

Dr Abbass Abdul Ameer Ibrahim
Protection of Human Rights in the International Law

Dr Kabel M. Kadhum
Life of Parties in Iraq 1958-1968-Historical Study

Dr Manhal Mageed Ahmad
Re-Engineering Audit Profession in the Frame of Information Technology – A Case Study

Dr Lubna Natic Abdulwahab Al-Qaisi
Decision-Making and its Relationship to the Level of Emotional Intelligence Competencies of University Educational Leaders

Dr Saleh Mohammed Ali Alkolaibi
Administrative Creativity of General Managers and Administrative Department Managers in the General Administration Departments: An Applied Study of a Selected Sample of Ministries in the Republic of Yemen

Dr Ali Hameed Abdullah
Proposed Training Program for the administrative Department Heads in the State Ministries in Light of the Total Quality Administration Requirements

Dr Jabbar Ubaid Kadhum
Ethics of the administrative work for managers in the Iraqi ministries from the point of view of the staff

Dr Rashad Abdul Wahid Mohammed Al-Kamel
Environmental Pollution in Taiz – A Study of Pollution caused by solid wastes and vehicles

Dr Khudhair Abbas Ahmad Al-Nadawi
Significance of Caspian Sea States Oil in the American Strategy After the Cold War

Dr Ahmed Khangar Alak
Analyze the Effects of International Laws and Conventions, Islamic Law and Iraqi Legislative Laws on Human Rights in Iraq

Dr Rafe’a J. Mnahi
Terrorism in New Iraq between Iraqi Legislation & International Law

Dr Arkan Hama Ameen Rasheed
The Emergence of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Relationship with Governments and Political Parties of Iraq for the Period from 1946 to until 2003

Dr Safaa Abdalrahman Yagub
The Secret Agent and the Suspect and the Lifetime Imprison Penalty in the Iraqi Legislation

Dr Eman Mahmood Abdullatif
An Inquiry to the International Financial Crises, Reasons, Impact and Remedy

Dr Talb Khudhair Mohammed
Risky Provocation as a Legal Mitigating Excuse in the Iraqi legislation

Dr Qahtan Abdul Abbas Rahman
The Technological Change and its Impact in Presence of Industrial Products - A Case Study of a Sample of General Company for Electrical Industries Products.

Dr Khalid Jawad Moein
The Assistance is One of the Crime Participation Means and Its Application in the Iraqi Jurist (Comparative Study)

Dr Frederick Ugwu Ozor
An Investigation into the Effects of Research Governance Structure and Mechanisms on Scientific Knowledge Production : Evidence from Public Research Institutions Within The Gambia Public Science

Dr Aziz Yousif Mohammed Abood Dalwachee
Kufi Grammar in Iraqi Contemporary Scholars at the second half of the Twentieth Century

Dr Mueyyed Akrem Arslan
Effect of the integration of Applications among TQM-ISO-9001 to competitive Policies –Case Study at the Productive Pre-cast Factory-Ministry of Construction & Housing

Dr Saleh Ali Mohsen Almadhagi
Complementary option in preparing quality of administrative system and the environment according to the two standard international Specifications ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 - The present study is at Aden Company for Iron

Dr Kamel Bidan Salih
Forecasting the Economic and Social Effects of Globalization in Iraq

Dr Saad Manhal Nadawy
Responsibility of the Partner for the Potential Crime of the Joint Act

Dr Fuad Q. Nessan
The Turkish – Israeli Relations

Dr Mohammed A. Taess
Civil Protection of Trademarks from a Pan Arab Perspective

Dr Modammed Jawad Kadhim Abdulmunem
Influence of the National Support & Investment in Re-Qualifying the Agriculture Projects - Poultry Industry Study

Dr Mohammed Najim Ali Najim Al-Din Talabani
Administrative & Financial Corruption, Types, Aspects, Reasons and Its Influence and Methods of Fighting It in Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Dr Salahadin Babaker Mohammed
The contribution of intellectual capital in the possibility of applying total quality management - A reconnaissance study of the views of a sample of managers in a select group of private sector companies in the province of Erbil

Dr Jafar Maan Mohsen
The Psychological Effects of Working in Unstable Security Situations on Educational Supervisors and Teachers in Deyala Governorate - Iraq

Dr Kalaf J. Ahmed
Mapping Analysis for Some Statistics Measurements & Its Applications in Salaheddin Governorate

Dr Najib Ali Hasson Al-Mansour
Investigating the Effectiveness of GIS-Based Analysis Towards The Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance in Yemen

Dr Saadon Mihsen Jameel Ali
An Analysis of the Iraq Media Reporting on the American Invasion of Iraq and Immediate Occupation Period

Dr Azadden M. Muhsen Sahan
The Effect of Using the Education and Inductive Methods in Developing Some Literary Skills of the Fifth Stage Literary Students

Dr Hassan Najem Mohamd
Effect of Using the Intellectual Calculation Strategies in the Innovative Thinking and Educational Achievement Upon Students of the Elementary Stage and Their Tendency Towards Mathematical Subject from an Iraqi Perspective

Dr Hassan Alwan Yassen
The Russian Revolution and Its Influence on the Arabic and Islamic East 1917-1924

Dr Aziz Abdulla Madllum
Bismarck's Diplomatic Policy and Competition Towards the German Colonies in Africa.

Dr Khanum Hamid Saeed Al-Mizori
The Linguistic Methods USA Politicians Used to Justify the Invasion of Iraq.

Dr Flaih Hassan Aziz
New Historical Findings Regarding Influences of Belad Al-Sham Civilization on Cordoba Constructional City Rising during the Emirate & Andalusia Khelafa Ages (138-422H) (756-1013G)

Dr Hasanain F. Mualla
Diplomatic Immunity for Members of Political Missions.

Dr Ali R. Fadhel
Constructing a Program for Training Female Students -Teachers on Forming and Analyzing Biology Test Questions and Preparing Them for the Test Questions and Its Effect on Their Student Achievement.

Dr Nya Joe Jacob
Biomass Resrouces Assesment and Utilization, Environmental Effects of Biomass Removal and its Impact on Gambia Economy

Dr Audisho M. Gorges Ashitha
1933 Simele Disaster – Reasons and Its Local & International Impact

Dr Ghassan Ali Mohammed Hashim
Effectiveness of Administrative Information Systems on Improving the Efficiency of Decision-Making (Applied Study on International Bank of Yemen)

Dr Abdulkareem Yaseen Aswad
The Impact of Strategic Thinking and Organizational Creativity on Tourist Attractions in the Province of Diyala

Dr Hassan Hameed Abdullah Al.Flahi
Do Management Information Systems Give Some Iraq State Owned Industrial Companies a Competitive Advantage Over Others

Dr Talib Shaghati Mashari Alkenani
The Role of International Organizations in Counter Terrorism

Dr Hana'a H. Jaber
The Effect of Using the Cognitive Strategies and Their Activators on What the 1st Year Students of the Female Intermediate Schools Achieve Out of the Biology Subject and the Development of Their Mental Efficiencies in Al-Qadisiya Province

Dr Nagham Mohammed Ali Jawad
The Influence of the Protestant and Catholic Religions During the 16th & 17th Century on the Arab World

Dr Manea Farea Alhaj M Al-Maslami
Reviewing the Leadership Curriculum of the Yemen Higher Military Academy from an Islamic Education Perspective

Dr Thair Abead Hassan
Drought Phenomena in Ein Tamr Area & it’s Influence on the Production of Dates, vegetables and Strategy Crops

Dr Hammoodi Challab Naheeb
Al-Jamal (The Camel) Battle Justification and Conclusions

Dr Hashim Ghanim Shaheen
A Study of Linguistics use in Sheikh Ali Al Sharqy’s Poetry from a 21st Century Linguistic Perspective

Dr Younus Hameed Azeez
A Review of the Technical Construction in Shihab Al-Deen Ibn Al-Khallouf’s Poetry

Dr Haitham Sabah Hasan
Integrated Multi-Database Information Systems

Dr Mazen Hameid Mahmood
The Organisational Culture and Organisational Loyalty, and Its Impact in Empowering the Workers in Anbar Governorate Health Sector

Dr Mudher Hraiz Mahmood
International & Iraqi Law in Relationship to Refugees Seeking Asylum in Iraq

Dr Hassan U. Musa
Influence of the Remedial Method for Master Learning & Direction Towards the Islamic Education subject upon Sixth Grade Students

Dr Ja'afar Abed Alrasoul Abed
Reviewing the legislation against terrorism in Iraq and Other Arab Countries against the requirements of Islamic Legislation

Dr Ibrahim Kamara
The Effect of Free Health Care for Pregnant Women, Lactating Mothers and Under Five Children on Health Service Delivery in Moyamba District in Sierra Leone

Dr Cosmas Kanhai
Stabilizing Banking Systems within Dollarized Economies: Lessons for Euro-Zone Countries

Dr Manea Farea Alhaj M. Al-Maslami
Reviewing the Leadership Curriculum of the Yemen Higher Military Academy from an Islamic Education Perspective

Dr Mohammed Ali Mohammed Moqbel Alnedhri
The Offer and Disclosure in Financial Reports of Yemeni Banks and Financial Establishments and the Extent of their Compliance with the International Standards (Field Study)

Dr Khaled Shmsen Esmael Dabaen
Analysis of Trends in the Yemeni Banking Customers Towards Electronic Banking Methods - Applied Study on Banks Operating in the Yemeni City of Taiz

Dr Ahmad H. Abid
Measuring the Possibility of Applying the Responsibility Accounting System as a Tool of Control and Performance Evaluation - Selected Sample of Service Ministries in the Republic of Iraq.

Dr Mohammed H. Assaf
Management of Organizational Conflict & Its Impact in Strategic Change of Organization / Applicable Study in General Directorate of Anbar Governorate

Dr Thair Sami Rasheed Al-Rubaie
Analysis of Shift Registers Stream Cipher Cryptosystems

Dr Rasheed F. Yahya
Evaluating the Science Teachers Performance in Iraq Kurdistan Region in Light of the Effective Teaching Methods

Dr Dawood Salman Ja’afar
The Fundamentals of Personality Building in Iraqi Television Drama

Dr Abdul Kareem Naji Abbood
Economic Feasibility Techniques Study and Its Importance in the Implementation of Roads and Bridges Projects in Iraq

Dr Emad Kh. Ismail
Presumption of Innocence in Criminal Affirmation (Comparative Study)

Dr Shaymaa Younus Kadhim
The Effect of Cash Liquidity in Banks Performance Level Standard and Analytical Study on Some of Iraqi Trading Banks for the Period of 1997-2011

Dr Hisham Abdulabass Mohammed
The Relationship between the Requirements of Consumer Protection and Criteria Efficiency of Food and Their Influence on Case of Food Poisoning - Analysis Study for Opinions from Workers in Private Iraqi Health Sector

Dr Amer S. Naji
Solutions of Continuous and Discrete Time Lyapunov Linear Operator Equations & Its Applications

Dr Nagat Shokor Mahamod
Comparison Between Recognition and Recall in Measuring Short-Term Memory and Long-Term Memory in Light of Psychometric Characteristics Upon the Three Concluded Study Stage Classes

Dr Nooria Abd Mohammed
The Effects of Foreign Investment in the Arabic Local Investment Future - An Analytical Measurement Study for Some of the Arabic Gulf States for the Period from 1992-2010

Dr Sabeh Abdalla Gulam
The American Hegemony in Arabian Region 1945 - 2003

Dr Ali Tayeh Masoud
Impact of Training in Building Up the Leadership Administration Capabilities - An Empirical Study in General Company for Electrical Industries / Baghdad

Dr Hadi Athab Salman
The Role of the Contemporary Leadership Styles in the Achievement of the Organisational Commitment - Analytical Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Senior Managerial Leaderships in Iraqi Industrial Companies

Dr Batool Kamil Misher
Moslems' Geographers & Explorers in Belad Al-Sham During the Two Centuries 12-13 G Corresponding to 6-7 Hijry

Dr Ghazi G. Madhoosh Alrubaie
A Study on Common Rivers Between Iraq & Iran in Light of International Law

Dr Waleed Hameed Rashid
Social Responsibility of Private Sector Banks in Iraq in the Relationship Framework Between Intellectual Capital and Monetary Capital

Dr Ala’a Hashim Hussen
Determine Criminal Responsibility and Justification for the Establishment of the International Criminal Court

Dr Hasan Falhi Hussein
The Exegeses Upon the Twentieth Century Thinkers

Dr Fakhri Sadkhan Shnian Fthala AlAkeeli
Examining Lexical and Grammatical Difficulties Encountered by Iraqi Students in Learning English as a Foreign Language

Dr Nayed Sultan Sllam Almshrek
Human Resources Information Systems in Banks Operating in the Republic of Yemen Among Theoretical Imagination and Practical Reality (Analytical and Comparative Study)

Dr Abdalmaneem A. Mohammed
A Comparative Study of the Rules of Declaration in Civil Proof Between Islamic Doctrine and Iraqi Law

Dr Abdul Munaim Kadhim Abdul Munaim
Comparing the Quality Control System Used by Baghdad Municipality Against ISO Certification Standards

Dr Uchenna Ogbu
An Investigation into the Effect of Corporate Governance Regulation on a Developing Country's Stock Exchange - Comparative Study of the Nigerian Stock Exchange

Dr Eluu Vincent Ogbonnia
Causes and Effects of High Labour Turnover in a Depressed Economy

Dr Nnaocha Ifeanyi Cajetan
Impact Assessment of British Colonial Economic Activities on The Gambia (1816- 1994)

Dr Joseph Friday Mekiliuwa
Motivation as a Management Tool for Higher Productivity in Organisations: A Case Study of Central Securities and Clearing System Limited, Lagos Nigeria- Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI), the Clearing and Settlement System of the Nigerian Capital Market

Dr Modher T. Majeed
Comparing International Human Rights Laws with National and Constitutional Law - An Iraq Perspective

Dr Wafa Abdel Hussein Kadhim
Teaching Mathematics According to Active Education Method & Its Effect on the Studying of the Vocational Class Student & Developing Their Inferential Thinking in Diyala Governorate Iraq

Dr Hussein Jalal Yousef
Using Art Education Model From Role Playing Games for Students in Primary School From an Iraq Perspective

Dr Yaseen Omal Salih
The Impact of the Use of Guided Discovery Method in Learning and Improving the Level of Basic Technical Skills in the Football Game on the Faculty of Physical Education Third Phase Students - Mosul / Iraq

Dr Mohammad Jawad Kadham
The Impact of the Management Information System in the Processes of the Implementing the Projects of the Ministry of Construction and Housing

Dr Jaffar Ibraheem Haji
The Impact of Electoral Systems in the Political Stability – Iraq as a Model 2005 - 2010

Dr Haruna Mohammed Jumare
The Effects of Privatization of Public Enterprises in Nigeria

Dr Christian N. Onyegbule
The Challenges of Tax Revenue Maximization in Nigeria through Voluntary Tax Compliance: The Role of Self-Assessment

Dr Abbas Habib Nassr Shammari
Possibility of Fighting the Ommatissus Lybicus Deberg by using Thimethoxam through the Injection Method by Application Program (IPM)

Dr Jalil Ibrahim Mahmood
Dimensions and Areas of Consumer Protection in Iraq - An Economical and Analytical Study of a Sample of Students in the Faculties of Administration, Economics, Law and Politics in Kirkuk University

Dr Mohammed Hamoud Albkri
Applicable Problems for Investment Formats in the Yemeni Islamic Banks

Dr Adil Abrahim Adham 
Administrative Organisation in the Federal State in Iraq as a Model

Kadhem Abed Deif
The Treatment of Human Rights During Conflicts: A Comparison Between Islamic Law and International Law

Dr Naeem Yasir Salman
High Security and Efficient Information Hiding System

Dr Fareed Omar Mahmood
The Effect of Active Learning on the Achievement and the Mathematical Thinking and its Retention in Mathematics in the Intermediate year School

Dr Menawer Abid Hamad
The Integrated Management for Water Resources
in Al-Anbar Governorate

Dr Aqela A. Saeed
The Effects of American Imposed Constitution on Iraqi Society 2006 - 2014

Dr Moussa Fadel Abbas
Bank Credit Risks in Iraq & Role of Mortgage in Protecting the Bank from It - Comparative Study

Dr Patrick Chukwuemeka Okolo
Mergers and Acquisitions: An Imperative for the Nigerian Banking Sector ?

Dr Faeq Jari Zwayyer
A Review of the Requirements of the Iraqi Oil Industries Foreign Customers Against the Needs of the Iraqi Nation for Its Oil Industry

Dr David Iornem
The Impact of E-Commerce Infrastructure, Online Trust and Security on Effective Digital Marketing Implementation in Nigeria

Dr Christopher Achinike Egbu
A Study of the Impact of Financial Literacy on Nigerian Public Sector Employees’ Financial Outcome

Dr Oyejide Felix Omotosho
A Comparative Analysis of the Electoral and Democratization Process of The Gambia’s First and Second Republics (1965-2015)

Dr Sefeen Lazgeen Freek Aldoski
Criminal Treatment for Daesh Terrorist Organization

Dr Dindar Abdulsatar Ahmed
Legal Organization for the International Conventions Succession and Influences

Dr Ihuoma Evan Charles Ebere
Cultural and Economic Background and the Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in the West Coast Region of The Gambia.

Dr Olayemi Tahir Adam
Determinants of Capital Structure of Companies in the State of Qatar.

Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies

The St Clements University's Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies degree is a research degree that accepts the Koran as the Authority of Allah's word in writing.  All research dissertation are available for inspection in the University's Library.

Dr Ahmad Abdulwahab Majeed Penjweni
The Message of the Holy Koran through it's names and attributes

Dr Khaled Abdullah Abdulnabi Al-Sakkaf

Imam Neshwan Alhemeree, the Jurist

Dr Mohammed Hamood Abdul Rahman Al-Ahdal
The Jurisprudence of the Dialogue in the Holy Koran and Its Impact on the Achievement of the Purposes of Islamic Law – Objective Study

Dr Sattar Flaih Hasan
Linguistics & Syntax Direction of Holy Koran Readings in Interpreting Al-Tabrasi Data Academic Collections (Deceased 548H) for PhD in Islamic Studies

Dr Najm Abed Moslem Hashem
Curricula of Holy Koran Explanation

Dr Ahmed Mohammed Soliman Al-Ahdal
Theory of the Commands and Prohibition and their Impact on the Jurisprudence Derived from Al-Zahrawayn

Dr Aref Anwer Noor Mohamed
Purposes in Islamic Jurisprudence – Acts of worship - Transactions, Limits of Legitimacy and felonies

Dr Alaa M. Hassan
The Four Mosques and Their Influences on Building the Arabic Islamic Community until the Year 132H

Dr Khaled Mohammed Gaid Abdullah
Islamic Studies Fiqh (Jurisprudence) & Its Foundations (Trades & Professions)

Dr Delshad A. Hamad
Verses Including Patience Subjects in the Holy Koran Expressions

Dr Khalifa Menwer Mosa
The Descent of the Holy Koran from the First (Hegira) Year to the Eleventh (Hegira) Year.

Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Studies

The St Clements University's Doctor of Philosophy in Christianity degree is a research degree that accepts that the written scriptures or Bible alone represents the incorruptible truth and an authoritative record that God has given His people.  All research dissertation are available for inspection in the University's Library.

Dr Anke Brand
An Exegetical Interpretation Of The Esoteric Powers Working Through Fantasy Role-playing Games as a Catechism of the Occult

Dr Susanna Francina Maria de Lange
Expounding Deliverance From a Biblical Perspective Deriving From Supreme Spiritual Warfare

Dr Hendrik Petrus Nagel
Expounding the Ultimate Defilement and the Abuse of the Mouthpiece Pertaining of the Spoken Word of God and the Way to Effective Witnessing Out of Bondage and Sexual Perversion Via Spiritual Warfare, Inner Healing and Deliverance

Dr Susanna Langeveldt
Expounding the Spiritual and Emotional Significance Pertaining to the Human Endeavour in Art Through the Ages Holding that Arts does not Lie

Dr Marilize van der Walt
The Phenomenological Strategies of Supernaturalism Pertaining to the Corruption and Destruction of the Human Mind through Powers and Mind Control.

Dr Pieter Willem Malan
Expounding the Exegetical Reality and Hidden Meaning of Biblical Scripture as Seen in Both the Old and New Testament.

Dr Leandri Black
An Exposé of the Methods and Strategies used by Satan and His Principalities to Recruit Post-Modern Youth to Evil, Supernaturalism by Defiling and Corrupting the Image of Christ within Them.

Dr Ursula Steyn
An Exegetical Exposition on the Spiritual and Psychological Warfare of Abuse Pertaining to Trauma.

Dr Paul Johannes Nel
An Eschatological Consideration of the possible Limits of God’s Grace, related to God’s Righteousness, Love and Wrath, pertaining to beings created in His own image and also others, such as Hybrid Beings, Aliens and Nephilim.

Dr Elizabeth Nel
An Exegetical Exposition on a Rootless Society and the Birth of a New Generation and Upliftment of Families Through the Enhancement of the Role Women Play in South Africa.

Dr Aletta Catharina Maria Fouche
An Exegetical Exposition on Spiritual and Demonic Warfare Pertaining to Insanity and Psychosis.

Dr Ronell van der Walt
Freedom Through Deliverance Pertaining to Bloodlines, Opression, The Gutter of Lies, Sin, Shame, Guilt and Unbelief Leading the Body of Christ into Apostolic Counselling.

Dr Ciska Arendt
Divergent Thinking: Undergirding the Concept of the Human Heart in Spirit, Soul and Body.

Dr Marilize McDonald
Intimacy with the Triune God and its Consequences in Dealing with the Destruction of Satan’s Vices through Spiritual, Demonic and Territorial Warfare throughout the History of Humankind.