St Clements Education Group - About

The St Clements Education Group was founded in 1995 when St Clements University was registered in the Turk and Caicos Islands as a university company offering non-traditional degree programs.

Due to different local requirements it became obvious that in order to gain local Ministry of Higher Education approval and accreditation a single global university company would not be suitable.

In 2005 a policy was started, to where practical establish local autonomous degree granting schools which could fulfill local Ministry of Higher Education approval and accreditation.

Mission Statement of St Clements Education Group

As far as practical education should be made easily accessible to the people through classroom campuses, satellite campuses, open learning and hybrid learning rather than forcing the students to leave their local community in order to obtain knowledge not available locally.

Learning should be a lifelong experience and that higher education should be available to all who qualify, and not just school leavers.

An important part of the St Clements Education Group's philosophy flowing from its mission statement, is that it endeavors to take education to the people where there is need for it. This has led it openning schools in some very difficult parts of the world.