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NEW SCHOOL Opening - SCPU Business School

SCPU - Business School was formed to develop degree programs which will integrate into UK and other Commonwealth countries higher education systems.

The first programs are designed to enable students to continue their studies with a range of UK universities.

SCPU - Business school believes that the option of studying these dual OFQUAL accredited ATHE and SCPU - Business school awards is a very good value way of studying a UK degree when the cost of studying a Bachelors degree at most UK Universities vary from GBP £6,000 to £9,000 per year

Most UK universities will accept the 240 credits offered by the SCPU - Business school Associate Degree in Business Management (OFQUAL Level 4/5) for top up onto the final year of an Undergraduate Degree. Similarly most Universities will accept 120 credits offered by the SCPU Business School Post Graduate Degree in Management (OFQUAL Level 7) as advanced entry onto an MBA top up.