St Clements University Group

St Clements University (T&C)

In 1995, when St Clements University was formed, there were very few Commonwealth countries, which allowed the registration of private distance learning universities. The only Commonwealth State the founders could find which would allow a private Open University to be registered - St Clements University (not St Clements University Inc. or St Clements University Ltd. etc.) was the Turks and Caicos Islands. The Turks and Caicos Islands, being a British Colony, their highest Court of Appeal is the Privy Council. The Privy Council has ruled on numerous occasions, that if an organisation is called a University, it can issue degrees. Thus on the 16th of March, 1995 St Clements University was registered as a University company in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

To validate its degrees and given them due professional recognition it has worked with number of Commonwealth, particularly United Kingdom professional qualifications awarding bodies. The United Kingdom bodies it seeks these validations from are generally listed in the publication 'British Qualifications'.

Over the past 8 years other St Clements University Group Higher Education schools have evolved from St Clements University (T&C) to become degree granting institutions in their own right.

St Clements University (T&C) offers a very limited number of English languague programs, instead concentrating on offerring non-traditional education in Arabic, Turkish, Chinese (Putonghua) and Kiswahili.

St Clements University Turkish Centre
Campus Director
Dr. Bilal Semih Bozdemir
Izmir-1 Cad. No:33/31 Kat:8, Kizilay
Tel: +90 312 444 1659
E-Mail address: [email protected]

St Clements University Hong Kong Center
Room 1117-6 & 1101
11th Floor Hollywood Plaza
610 Nathan Road
Mongkok Kln
Hong Kong
E-Mail address: [email protected]

St Clements University Kiswahili Centre
Zanzibar Commercial Institute
Campus Director
Dr. Salum Amour
19 /85 Kikwajuni, Near Msikiti Makuti
Urban West, Zanzibar
Telephone: +255 7730 64525
E-Mail address: [email protected]

Associated Schools

ASM Cendana College - Indonesia
Mr. Nugroho
Komp.Asia Mega Mas
North Sumatra, Indonesia
Phone: +(62-61) 7357773
Fax: +(62-61)7357783
E-Mail address: [email protected]

London Graduate School
Dr. David Iornem
9 Oxford Close
London, N17 0TE
Phone: +44 77 86 77 68 02
E-Mail address: [email protected]