Programs - Management Studies

Diploma in Management
This 1 year Diploma in Management is designed to train the students to work as middle class managers in wide ranges of industries & companies.

Advanced Diploma in Management and Information Technology
The 2 years Advanced Diploma in Management and Information Technology provides the students with high level Information and Communications Technology (ICT) process understanding which will help them to manage and lead senior ICT staff within their organisation. The qualification builds on a base core of management competencies, with specialist and general elective choices to suit particular ICT and business needs, especially in the areas of knowledge management and systems development.

Bachelor of Applied Management
The Bachelor of Applied Managementis a 4 year full time program, it is a highly innovative and flexible program that is designed to develop professional capabilities for tomorrow's managers and business leaders. As well as providing the operational skills and knowledge required to manage successful organisations, students also participate in workplace learning subjects that provide real-life, practical experience. An optimum blend of theory and practice is offered, with a combination of subjects to develop both soft skills for working with people and hard skills directed at areas in operations and project management.

Graduate Diploma in Management
The Graduate Diploma in Management is a one year full time study program. The Graduate Diploma of Business Management addresses the needs of graduates from a range of disciplines who are seeking to increase their professional value through acquiring both an understanding of global, national and local pressures on business and a capability to respond professionally and effectively to those pressures. It provides students with concepts, frameworks, analytical, problem solving and research skills to enable them to operate confidently and effectively in a global environment characterised by constant change and requiring flexible and innovative responses at a professional level.

Graduates can expect to improve prospects of employment, enhance current job performance, aid promotion towards middle or senior management and increase their ability to meet new opportunities.

The degree will enhance student’s capabilities for working within technical, operational or line management roles while increasing their value contribution to an organisation.

On successful completion of the Graduate Diploma in Management, students may progress to the Master of Applied Management and will be given full credit for the units completed. 

Master of Applied Management
The Master of Applied Managemetn is a two year full time study program. This program has been developed to fulfill the needs for those who are seeking a degree at the master’s level and whom wish to specialize in a particular field of endeavor not usually available as a study option. The main scope of this program is to emphasize the usual administrative aspects of management at the appropriate master’s degree level.

The Master of Management is today a professional degree and one of the most popular degree programs in the managerial or administrative fields of endeavor. Our program has been designed to focus on major study areas of management and administration. The core courses forming the basis of the degree program equips the student with the usual fundamental aspects of management and administration applicable to the master’s degree level.

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