Programs - Information Technology Studies

Diploma in Information Technology
The 1 year Diploma in Information Technology provides the students with the skills and knowledge to manage information and communications technology (ICT) support in small-to-medium enterprises using a wide range of general ICT technologies

Advanced Diploma in Information Technology
The 2 years Advanced Diploma in Information Technology provides the students with high level Information and Communications Technology (ICT) process improvement in senior ICT roles within organisations

Bachelor of Applied Science (Information Technology)
The Bachelor of Applied Science (Information Technology )is a 4 year full time degree program. It is designed to train the students to work as computing professionals, to use ICT to be a better scientist, or to empower themselves to better understand the technology behind many of today's careers. Increasingly, employers see an ICT qualification as a sign of academic well-roundedness. ICT drives innovations such as the human genome project, vaccine research, environmental modelling. Emerging areas include electronic security, earth simulation (related to the mining boom) and bioinformatics. Independent job market surveys show that demand for graduates is escalating, along with salaries. Industry is concerned about a shortage of talent.

Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
The Graduate Diploma of Information Technology course is a 1 year program and is covers the theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to the design, construction, operation, support and maintenance of information technology (IT) solutions.

This course will provide students with entry-level skills and introduces techniques used in the design and construction of IT solutions, as well as the research skills needed to assess the effectiveness of a solution or technology.

Students will gain specialist skills and become capable of working with information technology solutions at an entry level. This course provides graduates with knowledge and skills allowing them to seek professional work in field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and as a pathway for research and further learning. The Graduate Diploma of Information Technology provides graduates from non-IT backgrounds a path to seek a career in IT.

On successful completion of the Graduate Diploma of Information Technology, students may progress to the Master of Information Technology, and will be given full credit for the units completed. 

Master of Applied Science (Information Technology)
The Master of Applied Science (Information Technology) is 2 year duration. It is a flexible course, providing advanced training in Information Technology for students with an IT undergraduate qualification. Students will learn to apply their knowledge and skills to real world problems and scenarios in this practical focussed course.

This degree is designed for the experienced professionals who wish to develop their skills and knowledge as Information Technology professionals.

On completing a Master of Information Technology, you can choose a career in a wide variety of roles including analyst programmer, computer network systems engineer, database administrator, developer programmer, ICT architect, ICT consultant, ICT customer support officer, ICT security specialist, ICT support engineer, ICT support technician, ICT systems test engineer, network administrator, project manager, software and apps programmer, software engineer, systems administrator and web developer. 

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