Academic Calendar

Duration of semester: March 10th -> July 14th (16wks)
First Semester Registration: Feb 18th -> March 18th
Opening Date: March 10th
Orientation: March 11th -> 12th , 10: 00 A.M.
Commencement of Classes: March 13th
First General Assembly:  
Amended Enrollments: April 10th -> April 22nd
Easter Break: April 18th -> April 21st
Second General Assembly:  
Mid Term Exam: May 5th -> May 10th
3rd General Assembly: May 16th
Final Class Roster: May 12th -> May 17th
Clearance for Exam: June 12th -> June 14th
First semester final Exam: June 16th -> June 21st
Submission of Grades: June 24th
Graduation: June 28th
Distribution of grades sheets: June 26th
July Break:  
Registration for Second Semester Entrance Exams: July 7th -> July 24th
Second Semester Entrance Exams: July 12th & July 25th
Late Entrance: August 9th
Second Semester Registration: July 14th -> August 16th
Duration of second Semester: August 11th - Dec 16th
Second Semester Opening: August 25th
Orientation: August 26th & August 27th 10:00 A.M
Commencement of Classes: August 28th
First General Assembly: Sept 12th
Amended Enrollments: September 8th -> September 13th
Mid Term Exam: October 6th -> October 11th
Second General Assembly: Oct. 26th
3rd General Assembly: October 24th
Class Roster Finalized: October 27th
Clearance for Exam: November 17 -> November 19th
Final Exam: December 8th -> December 13th
Submission of Grades: December 17th
Distribution of Grade Sheet: December 22nd
Vacation School: January 5th -> February 28th
Entrance Exam Registration: December 6th -> February 28th
Entrance Exams: December 20th January 17th & February 14th
First Semester Registration: 2015: February 9th -> March 9th
Late Entrance: February 28th
Commencement Academic: 2015: March 2nd