St Clements University

St Clements University - Academic Fellows

This is a Post Doctorate qualification awarded to senior Academics, Researchers or others who give advice to the Board or other forums of St Clements University in their field of expertise.

Dr. Herbert Blankson
Dr. Tiradetch Petkul
Dr. Narayanam Narasimha Murthy
Dr. Gloria Jean Clutton-Williams
Dr. Rabiu Muhammad
Dr. Samuel Adekunle
Prof. Dr. Yean Rithy
Dr. Matthew Wing Kwong Chu
Dr. Salahuddin Babur
Dr. Andrew Ssemwanga
Prof. Dr. George Leung
Prof. Dr. Eng. Mohamed Gamal Kafafy
Dr. Louis Goglia
Dr. Dennis Anongo Ityavyar
Dr. Mohammed Ali Jaafar Abo Janah Al-Ghanni
Prof. Dr. Oyat Christopher
Dr. Raj Gopal K. Nair
Dr. Abdul Karim Bangura
Dr. Kao Kveng Hong
Peter Kwan Pak Ming
H.E. Sir Dr. Jeffery Lin Kok Peng
H.E. Sir Dr. Desmond Teo Yen Koon